What does Johnny Cash’s music taste like in a pint glass?

about liquid note

Music and beer are the best social lubricants known to man! We’ve definitely got music, so we just needed beer. The name Liquid Note Brewing ties itself to music. It started when Mark McPherson and Chris LaPonsie chatted on the phone one Sunday afternoon and Mark suggested that capturing the styles of artists’ music would be an interesting spin on beer. “What does Johnny Cash’s music taste like in a pint glass?” was the question that Mark posed to Chris. Instantly, more ideas started to form and it was evident that the beers would be very easy to design using this philosophy. It is up to you to figure out the artist that goes along with each beer! We hope you enjoy our Musically Infused™ brews!

 from A Capella
to zydeco

about our stage

Back in 2003, Mark McPherson had the desire to have a music venue in downtown Otsego. Having a music background, and enjoying many different genres of music, Mark understood that our local area had the musical talent to support this but not the right venue to support the various listening habits of music lovers. He decided that the venue would have a variety of genres from “A Capella” to “zydeco” so that everyone would be able to come and enjoy their favorite musical style from time to time. The staff here at Liquid Note works hard to showcase the musical variety that this area of southwest Michigan loves and deserves. Please follow our music lineup on Facebook so that you do not miss your favorite genre or artist. We hope that you enjoy your time with us!